Dynavision D2 Training

Quick Fact: Did you know that the average person only utilizes 30-40% of their visual potential, with 80% of mistakes accounted by vision errors.

Like all skills, visual skills can be improved and perfected by our services and practice.

Be Limitless utilizes the most technologically advanced cognitive training program used today.

  1. The Dynavision D2 Light Board;
  2. The Cognisens Neurotracker; and
  3. The Visual Edge Performance Trainer.


The Dynavision D2 is a Visuo-Motor Reaction Training Device For High Performance.

There is no more guess work when it comes down to training your ability to concentrate.

The Dynavision D2 gives the practicioner the ability to measure all aspects of the individuals visual performance and thereby use the data to plan the next sessions, change the routine to work on the weak areas and to measure progress OBJECTIVELY. The history from the routines can be used to map out the progress of the individual in relation to on field performance. The Dynavision D2 Training Board provides objective measures that clearly monitor and track the progress and map out a systematic improvement strategy. There is no more guess work when it comes down to training your ability to concentrate. The software program clearly demonstrates to the client what area needs to be worked on.

The D2 provides top performers with a novel approach to cognitive training. You will see:

  • Have Improved Visual Performance
  • Avoid Injuries and Concussions
  • Have Better Situational Awareness
  • Have Better Response Times
  • Have Better and Faster Decision Making Skills
  • Have Better Anticipation Skills
  • Have the Ability to Process more information and at faster rates
  • Have Expanded Peripheral Awareness
  • Have Better Concentration and Tracking Skills
  • Improved Eye-Hand Coordination
  • Increased efficiency to absorb visual information under a variety of cognitive demands.
  • Improved Speed and Span of Recognition
  • Improved Anticipation and Visual Reaction
  • Improved Concentration under stress and fatigue
  • Improved Dynamic Visual Acuity
  • Improved Mental Stamina resulting in less mental mistakes
  • Baseline Concussion Testing to use objective standards to help coordinate return to play after a concussion

…an incredible evaluation tool for head-injuries, concussions, and visual field-deficits.

Discover Dynavision, the light-training reaction device, developed to train Sensory Motor Integration through the visual system. The Dynavision is essentially a large reaction device containing 64 lights configured in 5 nested rings. The Sensory Motor Integration Technique was developed by founder Karen Muncey based on decades work with high level professionals. The increased ability to receive visual stimuli, mentally process this information, then react to it with a motor response has vast implications for human performance. Designed originally for high performance athletic training, it was soon discovered as an incredible evaluation tool for head-injuries, concussions, and visual field-deficits. The Dynavision D2 Visuomotor with a Tachtistoscope a system that is widely used by professionals and amateurs in all areas for Reactive/Cognitive Training and Testing.

What can I expect for Dynavision Training? How much will I improve?

It will vary from client to client based on initial skill levels and the amount of time and effort put into the training sessions, but over a 6 month period you should see about a 20% hike in almost every skill level.

The improvement doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and effort, just like weight training. The first thing that will improve is your peripheral awareness and your ability to stay focused. Generally, that will happen after about 4-6 weeks. Within 8-10 weeks you will notice improvement in the speed and accuracy of your physical responses. At this point you will also start to notice more consistency in your performance from game to game. Peak performance levels should be reached in about 4-6 months, at which point we concentrate on maintaining that level.

While you are actively training there will be improvement, or maintenance depending on your schedule. But just as weight training, if you stop, it doesn’t take long before you start to lose stamina for what you have gained. Dynamic Cognitive Training is the same. It will require dedication and persistence like any training..

It will require dedication and persistence like any training.