Cognisens Training

CogniSens 3D NeuroTracker – 3D Perceptual-Cognitive Training

What does it take to succeed?
How do you get that edge?

Perceptual-Cognitive Training with the Cognisens Neurotracker can make a real difference!!

Do you want to?

  • Have Improved Visual Performance
  • Avoid Injuries and Concussions
  • Have Better Situational Awareness
  • Have Better Response Times
  • Have Better and Faster Decision Making Skills
  • Have Better Anticipation Skills
  • Have the Ability to Process more information and at faster rates
  • Have Expanded Peripheral Awareness
  • Have Better Concentration and Tracking Skills
  • Improved Eye-Hand Coordination
  • Increased efficiency to absorb visual information under a variety of cognitive demands.
  • Improved Speed and Span of Recognition
  • Improved Anticipation and Visual Reaction
  • Improved Concentration under stress and fatigue
  • Improved Dynamic Visual Acuity
  • Improved Mental Stamina resulting in less mental mistakes
  • Baseline Concussion Testing to use objective standards to help coordinate return to play after a concussion

The Cognisens NeuroTracker is a Perceptual-Cognitive training tool. Neurotracker uses state of the art 3D technology to activate some parts of the brain used in high performance situations. Neurotracker trains people to absorb and process complex movement and distribute attentional resources throughout the visual field. Neurotracker provides training for a crucial element of sporting competitiveness: Cognitive Ability. In the dynamic environment individuals must attend to a time-compressed environment often dealing with many tasks simultaneously.

Effective decision making skills become crucial, and as the performance level rises, the demands increase, pushing the individual to the threshold of their cognitive capacity. The brain is plastic and able to adapt to new demands with training, make it possible for a person’s cognitive processing thresholds to be raised, leading to increased ability to deal with the high-pressure demands of the competitive world.

1 hour produces an average improvement of over 50%

By far the largest advantage of NeuroTracker is the pronounced effects of training. In terms of actual time spent tracking spheres, 1 hour produces an average improvement of over 50%.